AjGenesis Code Generation: News and Ideas

Past week, I moved my open source code generation project AjGenesis (.NET version) from Codeplex to GitHub. The Codeplex site has a new compiled version (with source code and examples), AjGenesis 0.6 (Some time ago, GitHub removed the hosting of binaries downloads) (my posts about AjGenesis).

That new version is only the compiled one from Codeplex trunk. It has minor fixes and improvements, and it was used in real projects. Now, it’s time to work on the next version. Some ideas to implement:

– Refactor test, to use Visual Studio tools

– Refactor AjGenesis Web Studio, to ASP.MVC 3, using C#, Razor, and Bootstrap 2.0

– New console main program, renamed to ajgen (instead of AjGenesis.Console, a long name for this times).

– Support for commands in repositories. That is, there will new names to use with console program, like:

ajgen generate <parameters>

ajgen newentity <parameters>

that is

ajgen <verb> <parameters>

The verbs will be defined in repositories, and everyone can write the commands (at first, usual AjGenesis tasks). In this way, I could support code generation in a easy way: instead of specifying explicit task files and models, they could be located in predefined locations. In the previous versions of AjGenesis, I was reluctant to use such kind of search for tasks, but after reviewing other code generation tools integrated in frameworks (like Ruby on Rails, Django, Express) I want to explore this path.

The usual

ajgen <task or model files>

will be supported, too, without changes.

Long term goals:

– JSON support for models

– AjSharp/AjBasic as scripting languages for AjGenesis (now, AjBasic is internally coupled to the tool)

Don’t forget they are new versions of AjGenesis: AjGenesisNode implemented using Node.js and AjGenesisRuby using Ruby.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


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