Scala: Links, News And Resources (3)

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Scalaz: Type Classes and Pure Functional Data Structures for Scala

Suppose you had to choose between Clojure and Scala, which would you pick?

ScalaIDE for Eclipse

Scala for the Intrigued: Creating Higher Order Functions

Scala for the Intrigued: Working with Collections
n this fifth installment of his series on the Scala programming language, Venkat mixes object oriented and functional styles to reveal the power and grace of Scala collections.

Scala for the Intrigued: Cute Classes and Pure OO
This third installment of his series on Scala shows how Scala’s OO purity leads to simple, elegant code.

Scala for the Intrigued: Functional Style of Programming
Venkat delves into the functional style of programming in Scala.

Languages, Verbosity, and Java
With the new spate of programming languages emerging for the Java virtual machine and other platforms, it’s more important than ever that the rules of a language make code clear and concise. But clarity and conciseness don’t exactly go hand in hand.

Running Spring Java and Scala Apps on Heroku

A little scalaz IO action

Functional IO in Scala with Scalaz

Everything I Ever Learned about JVM Performance Tuning @twitter
Attila Szegedi discusses performance problems encountered at Twitter running Java and Scala applications, presenting how they solve them through JVM tuning.

Offbeat: Scala by the end of 2011 – No Drama but Frustration is Growing

Real life Scala feedback from Yammer

Actors: can we do better?
Paul Chiusano presents to the Northeast Scala Symposium

scala symposium Boston

Continuations and Other Functional Patterns

Building an HTTP streaming API with Scala

Guerrilla Guide to Pure Functional Programming

Referentially transparent nondeterminism

Scala’s version fragility make the Enterprise argument near impossible
An attribute of Scala is that the Scala compiler generates fragile byte-code.  This means that all the code in an executable (JAR or WAR) must be compiled with the same library and compiler versions.

Functional Scala: Curried Functions and spicy Methods

Functional Programming For Java Programmer Scala Or Clojure?

Scala vs Ceylon vs Kotlin

Scala feels like EJB 2, and other thoughts

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