Scalability: Links, News And Resources (2)

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Programming and Scaling

Spain Scalability Group

The Instagram Architecture Facebook Bought For A Cool Billion Dollars

Just how big are porn sites?

Scalability at YouTube

7 Years Of YouTube Scalability Lessons In 30 Minutes

NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques

Akka 2.0: Scalability of Fork Join Pool

Scaling Erlang

Tumblr Architecture – 15 Billion Page Views A Month And Harder To Scale Than Twitter

How Facebook pushes new code live

Can Simplicity Scale?

Amazon DynamoDB – a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database Service Designed for Internet Scale Applications

Implementing Scalable HA Architectures with Spring Integration

Arquitectura de un buscador vertical escalable con Hadoop

What is Zing? A Scalable, Elastic, High-Performance Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Azul Making Java “Zing”

Autoscaling with Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure

DataSift Using MySQL, HBase, Memcached to Deal With Twitter Firehose

DataSift Architecture: Realtime Datamining At 120,000 Tweets Per Second

Scaling at Gowalla: Databases & NoSQL

Microsoft drops Dryad; puts its big-data bets on Hadoop

How StackOverflow Scales with SQL Server (Video)

Scaling Isomorphic Javascript Code
Javascript is now an isomorphic language. By isomorphic we mean that any given line of code (with notable exceptions) can execute both on the client and the server.

One million!

Building Scalable Systems: an Asynchronous Approach

jdegoes / blueeyes
A lightweight Web 3.0 framework for Scala, featuring a purely asynchronous architecture, extremely high-performance, massive scalability, high usability, and a functional, composable design.

NOSQL Patterns

Wikimedia Architecture

Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For August 5, 2011

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