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A third entry with links about Express, the “standard” Node.js web framework.

Simple Screenshot
simple screenshot application & web service powered by Express, Redis, node-canvas, palette, and PhantomJS.

Khelldar/Angular-Express-Train-Seed · GitHub
A starting point for making an AngularJS app with node.js on the back end, using the Express Train framework

Modular web applications with Node.js and Express on Vimeo
This short screencast describes how you can use Express’ app mounting feature to create modular self-contained applications to construct your product.
By @tjholowaychuk, Express author

node-money – Cloud9
Sample app with access control

Structuring a node.js web application with Express | Gama & Ferraz
Explain node-money example

thinkphp/express-basic · GitHub
A simple Website on Node.js with Express, Jade and Stylus deploying on Heroku

jesusabdullah/node-ecstatic · GitHub
A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron

node-home-automation – Node.js based home automation server application – Google Project Hosting

astalker/nblog · GitHub
A Simple CMS module for Node Js using Express, EJS and Mongo

A MVC generator for node.js (uses express, mongoose, jade and passport.js)

How an Event Loop works « Matt’s Hacking Blog

Cross-domain AJAX, Express.js and Access-Control-Allow-Origin – /var/blog – John Roepke – Boston Area Web and Open Source Software Developer

anddimario/mucontent · GitHub
MuContent – CMS based on ExpressJs for create multisite, multilanguage and modular web application with Node.Js

mdalpi/battleship-node · GitHub
Battleship Game with chat support written in Node.JS

smurthas/gdata-js · GitHub
Simple Google Data API client for OAuth 2.0

agrueneberg/Corser · GitHub
A highly configurable, middleware compatible implementation of CORS for Node.js.

express.js middleware to support CORS pre-flight requests

jawerty/Node2Blog · GitHub
A simple and easy to setup node.js blog template. For the casual blogger

http – Extracting POST data with Express – Stack Overflow – realtime-web framework for nodejs

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