End Of Iteration 2013w26

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These were my activities in my open source projects, 2013 week 26th:

Talk: Intro to Python


I’m completing my presentation, using reveal.js

Python Programming Samples


I added minimal programs, a la Hello, World, a Flask sample, and a Django sample



I started a task runner, in C#. I want to automate some steps in a simple way. As usual, it is being written using TDD:

Learning Python


I did minimal changes to my Spanish page tutorial



I updated the grammar/parser generator, to have a parser that pursues the reduction of a term.

AjLisp in JavaScript


I fix a test, minor change. I want to use it in the development of a Node.js/(Express maybe) dynamic site, using Lisp

Most of the week was dedicated to prepare my Python intro talk. I guess I will have more time for programming in the next week. I should to prepare a talk Intro to Smalltalk, for July 1st, Buenos Aires.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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