New Month’s Resolutions: July 2013

Review of my June’s resolutions:

– Update Mass [complete] repo
– Update RubySharp [complete] repo
– Update PythonSharp [complete] repo
– Update ClojSharp [complete] repo
– Update AjSharp [pending]
– AjGenesis Node.js examples [pending]
– Update Learning Ruby [pending]
– Update Learning Python [complete] repo
– Write a Node.js/Express/MongoDb sample [complete] repo
– New posts about RubySharp [pending]
– New posts about TDD [complete] post post
– New posts about Mass [pending]

Also, I give a talk about Intro to Python see repo. And:

– Start a Forth compiler to JavaScript [complete] repo
– Start a generic parser in C# [complete] repo
– Start a generic parser in JavaScript [complete] repo
– Start AjLisp in Python [complete] repo
– Start task runner in C# [complete] repo
– Update AjLisp in JavaScritp [complete] repo
– Update ObOps [complete] repo
– Start Learning Java [complete] repo
– Update AjErl [complete] repo
– Update AjGenesisNode [complete] repo
– Update RunIt [complete] repo
– Post about ObObjs [complete] post

July resolutions:

– Update Memolap
– Update GrammGen
– Update SimpleGrammar
– Prepare a talk: Intro to Smalltalk
– Start PHP compiler to JavaScript
– Write PHP example with Node.js
– Update AjLispJs
– Create a web site sample using AjLisp and Node.js

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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