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July 8, 2013

End Of Iteration 2013w27

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An intense week ended. I worked on:


A new implementation of my lisp interpreter, this time trying to compile to JavaScript.


Minor fix, a missing reference in solution without test. Now, it compiles with msbuild from the command line


Minor updates, to be ready for my Sunday post (Spanish)


Only the first test and implementatio (parse an integer, a variable), but I was invited by @mgiglesias to give a talk at PHP Conferences 2013, Argentina. Big people are coming, and great speakers. I will give a talk about PHP and Node.js, for example, calling Node.js from PHP. One thing I want to show, is a PHP compiler to JavaScript that runs on Node.js/Express. It’s using my SimpleGrammar project, from the source.


Minor addition: the capacity of parsing a word, like ‘for’, ‘while’.


Good progress. Having a recursive parser, guided by rules, defined by C# code. All is in place, I need to add a bit of tweaks. I could publish it as Nuget package. But first, I should write same samples. And dog fooding: use it in my own projects.


I updated my in-memory cube. Then, I switched to a customer private project.

AjLisp in Python

Lisp interpreter in Python, only a minor addition, define special form with test.

Talk Introduction to Python

I gave a talk at local Microsoft User Group (Buenos Aires) about Python. My slides:

Work in progress:

More JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Ruby, C# work is coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


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