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July 22, 2013

End Of Iteration 2013w29

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Many ideas and implementations! Summary:


I started to write a simple in-memory database in C#, using TDD

I recorded and published a Google Hangout, documenting my TDD process (in Anglish, Angel’s English 😉

TDD Rocks! (3) SharpBase in C#

TDD Rocks

I renamed this project (previous name: TddOnTheRocks). I updated Energy problem for an Spanish post:

I implemented a new problem/algorithm

Given a boolean matrix, it returns a list of the greatest sets of cells having true value, that comply with the problem criteria. If a cell X, Y is in the set, for all the other cells X2, Y2, the cells X, Y2 and X2, Y are in the set, too.


I started to write an open source in JavaScript/Node.js


In order to practice TDD with JavaScript, I started to write an in-memory simple JavaScript object store in memory:

I recorded my initial TDD process as a Google Hangout:

TDD Rocks! (2) OStore with JavaScript/Node.js


I improved my programming language recognizer, written in JavaScript:

I managed to have a Node.js and a browser versions. The browser versions is running at:


I’m preparing a talk about Intro to Smalltalk. I recorded a Google Hangout. It includes my first steps with Pharo 2.0. In Spanish

Explorando Smalltalk (1)

Ruby and TDD

I recorded a Google Hangout, in Anglish, with a simple example written using Ruby 2.0 and TDD:

TDD Rocks (1) Playing with Ruby

I worked on two private projects.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


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