End Of Iteration 2013w30

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A summary of the past week:

Smalltalk Intro

A work in progress presentation at:



First version, it can mutate a source code file, and then run any command (usually the tests)


All written using TDD


Object operations (add, subtract, etc..) a la Visual Basic.NET. I published it at Nuget:


Smalltalk Samples

My first published code, as fileouts and as a FileTree repository:


I also published on http://smalltalkhub.com/ see http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~ajlopez. For using Git/GitHub and FileTree, see:




A Prolog interpreter in JavaScript/Node.js. I have atom, variable, facts, base, partial unification. I should work on rules, parser (Edinburg syntax) and full unification algorithm:


Again, all written using TDD.

TDD Rocks!

I published a new video:

TDD Rocks! SharpBase in C#

showing my TDD workflow building a simple in-memory database.

Private Projects

I worked on two private projects: one having an in-memory OLAP cube, and the other was a simple but powerful use case implementation, involving a Single Page Application (all model at browser).

More fun is coming!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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