End Of Iteration 2013w31

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A week with great activity:


I wrote and published the first version of a particle system:


It has particles with position x, y, velocity dx, dy, applying forces fx, fy, and with springs (Hooke’s law) between two particles:

Next steps: mass in particles, other forces btw two particles, and fixed particle to a position until a force > f move it; github pages.



A little work, using TDD, to add store to simple rows (plain JavaScript objects)



I added support to have modules in NPM (Node Package Manager). When a module is imported or loaded, the system searchs on folder node_modules.



I published version 0.0.2. The new feature: message queue has a maximum size.



I created and published version 0.0.1. I will use it in some of my new projects. It splits a source code text into tokens. Each token has a value (ie. “foo”) and a type (ie Type.Word). It’s not language specific, but you can add extension points (ie. to recognize separators like { }, or to recognize strings with escaped characters). The language details (like recognizing ‘$k’ as a PHP variable) is a responsability for a lexer, that can consume this simple, generic tokenizer.



A proof of concept, impleming use cases using TDD. A value (simple value, or object) can be associated to a context. Ie. “John” can be associated to “{ country: ‘UK’, company: ‘Acme’ }”. There are inheritance between context, that is, “{ country: ‘UK’, category: ‘Beverages’}” inherits the items associated to “{ country: ‘UK’ }”. You can retrieve and alter the values/objects associated with a context. I could rewrite it in C#, with more ceremony and type checking



Good advance, in unification and query algorithm. Next steps: rules, goal stack, solver algorithm with backtrack and cut operator, a parser

Smalltalk Intro

I gave my talk, and these are the slides:


I worked on two private projects, one involving an in-memory model.

More fun is comming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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