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Anatomy of a Reducer

TheClimateCorporation / lemur
Lemur is a tool to launch hadoop jobs locally or on EMR, based on a configuration file, referred to as a jobdef.

Lemur: Declarative launching of Hadoop jobs on Elastic-Mapreduce

swannodette / mori
ClojureScript’s persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript

Factual Releases Drivers that Matter: Python, Clojure, Haskell

Reducers – A Library and Model for Collection Processing

wtetzner / exploding-fish
A URI library for Clojure

andrewvc / clj-automata
Simple elementary automata sim. `lein run 110` to run rule 110 for example

A Brief Beginner’s Guide To Clojure

Clojure for Lisp Programmers Part 1

straszheimjeffrey / The-Kiln
The Kiln is designed to make large complex functions easier to maintain. By “large and complex,” I mean things such as web applications, where you do not compute a single, simple result for a well-defined input, but instead a very complex set of outputs along with side-effects.

Coding a transactional database using Clojure’s ‘reader literals’.

Getting Started with Eclipse and Counterclockwise

How F# helped me to appreciate Clojure’s reduce to traverse data structures (XMLs)

Live-Debugging Remote Clojure apps with Drawbridge

A Simple Clojure IRC Client

Improving Constant-space Tail Call Support in Clojure

The ClojureScript Compilation Pipeline

Dsl Intro

Translations from Javascript

Light Table

Distributed state in Clojure
Avout brings Clojure’s in-memory model of state to distributed application development by providing a distributed implementation of Clojure’s Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) STM along with distributable, durable, and extendable versions of Clojure’s Atom and Ref concurrency primitives.

(take 5 daniel-spiewak)

Distributed concurrent applications in Clojure? Options

Can’t dynamically bind non-dynamic var in Clojure 1.3 and on

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