Clojure: Links, News And Resources (9)

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Datomic Free Edition

Talking to Machines

Light Table Playground Levels Up

schani / clojurec
A Clojure implementation on top of C

Shall we use Clojure – my presentation

clojure @ runa :: dynamic pricing through DSLs

ztellman / lamina

Programming with Values in Clojure

Thrush in Clojure – Redux

Literate Programming Example with Clojure

Compile Clojure online

Why Prismatic Goes Faster With Clojure

ptaoussanis / timbre
Simple, flexible, all-Clojure logging. No XML!

The Clojure Library Ecosystem

ptaoussanis / carmine
Simple, high-performance Redis (2.0+) client for Clojure

Why is a Monad Like a Writing Desk?

amuller / checkero
Similar clojure code searcher

cgrand / parsley
a DSL for creating total and truly incremental parsers in Clojure

joshua-choi / fnparse
A library for creating functional parsers in Clojure

In this UnConj talk, Dan Friedman and William Byrd demonstrate the miniKanren logic programming system for Scheme.

Against the Grain: How We Built the Next Generation Online Travel Agency using Amazon, Clojure, and a Comically Small Team

Home at Last, or, The Last Programming Language I Will Ever Learn: LISP (Clojure)

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