End Of Iteration 2013w33

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This week was extended up to Monday August 19th, public holiday here, Argentina.

Google Hangouts

I recorded one Google Hangout, playing with Ruby and TDD (2):

TDD Rocks! (6) Playing with Ruby



This is an interesting code kata, written on Sunday late morning. I wrote my Node.js modules using TDD. I do it calling builting module assert, or using node-unit. But sometimes, node-unit is GREATER than the module I want to write. So, I wrote my simple implementation, and published it in NPM as version 0.0.1:


I refactored my tests in projects:


to start using simpleunit. Next steps: add asynchronous processing. The first candidate to use it is SimpleProlog: solve facts using callbacks.


My implementation of Smalltalk VM in JavaScript.


I have an implementation in C#


that compiles .st files to JavaScript. But now, I want to compile .st to JavaScript using JavaScript itself. So I added the first tests and implementations of lexer and parser to AjTalkJs. I hope I will present the result at Smalltalks 2013.


My implementation of Prolog language, in progress.


It started to have a lexer.


My C# implementation of SimpleContext ideas:


Now it has a new object, DynamicContext. I should add the inheritance use cases. Notice that C# version has more ceremony than the JavaScript one.


My implementation of MongoDB in memory, using C#, in progress:


Minor refactor/redesign to support read-only documents. Now it has dynamic objects, too. Dynamic documents are dynamic objects with an Id.

I also worked on two non-public projects. More fun is coming!

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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