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nchurch / go
Game of Go evaluation

jimpil / enclog
Clojure wrapper for Encog (v3) (Machine-Learning framework that specialises in neural-nets)

macourtney / Conjure
A Rails like framework for Clojure

ClojureScript Anatomy
Michael Fogus discusses the internal workings of ClojureScript, how it analyzes and compiles Clojure code to JavaScript.

With Liberator it is easy to create RESTful web services in Clojure.

Bootstrapping Clojure at Groupon
Tyler Jennings presents how he ended up choosing Clojure, how he is using a Ruby tool-chain in Clojure, plus advice on introducing Clojure to a team.

DSLs in Clojure
Jim Duey advises on solving a problem by dividing it in smaller requirements that are dealt with, then using DSLs to compose results into one big solution. Code samples in Clojure.

Pluralsight Course Library
Now with Clojure courses

An Apology Of Sorts: Functional Languages Are (Still) Overrated

Rich Hickey on Datomic, Data Storage, Functional Programming and Immutability
Rich Hickey explains how immutability enables Datomic’s features and facilitates programming (not just in functional languages). Also: Datomic and other NoSQL stores, Clojure Reducers and much more.

Extensible Data Notation

Clojure, Leiningen 2 and Heroku: AOT Compilation Gotchas

When Things Go Wrong: Clojure’s Exceptional Handling of Exceptions

Joxa is a small semantically clean, functional lisp. It is a general-purpose language encouraging interactive development and a functional programming style. Joxa runs on the Erlang Virtual Machine. Like other Lisps, Joxa treats code as data and has a full (unhygienic) macro system.

Particle System in Clojure with Quil

meteorfox / newtonian
Particle System in Clojure

Getting started querying an Eclipse workspace using Ekeko
Applicative logic meta-programming using Clojure’s core.logic against an Eclipse workspace.

cderoove / damp.ekeko
Applicative logic meta-programming using Clojure’s core.logic against an Eclipse workspace.

Keynote: The Value of Values
Rich Hickey compares value-oriented programming with place-oriented programming concluding that the time of imperative languages has passed and it is the time of functional programming.

Distilling Java Libraries
Zach Tellman provides advice on calling Java libraries from Clojure, exemplifying with Clojure code drawing graphics on the screen using the Java2D library.

SOLID Clojure
Colin Jones discusses applying the SOLID OOP principles to Clojure programming in order to create systems that are easy to change.

nbeloglazov / clojure-interactive-tasks
Set of interactive tasks to be solved using clojure

2012 State of Clojure survey

TodoMVC with ClojureScriptOne MVC and Enfocus

Functional Programming for the Object-Oriented Programmer

Rich Hickey – Podcast Episode 014

Real World Clojure – Doing Boring Stuff With An Exciting Language
Sean Corfield shows how to use Clojure as a general purpose scripting language for building web applications, tackling persistence, email, internationalization, configuration and environment issues.

Reactive Programming for Clojure(Script) UIs!topic/clojure-dev/LzVu4dIvOrg/discussion

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