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September 5, 2013

Akka: Links, News And Resources (1)

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Akka Project
Write simpler correct concurrent applications using Actors, STM & Transactors.
Remote Actors gives you a high-performance transparent distributed programming model. Create a Remote Actor on another node that receives and replies to messages sent to it from a client node.

Akka Future vs. Twitter’s Finagle Future!msg/akka-user/eXiBV5V7ZzE/3VrLg855SrAJ

ANNOUNCE: OMG! Akka 2.0-RC1 available!

Scala & Akka Creators Launch Typesafe Company for Multicore and Cloud Architectures

Heroku supports Play!, Akka and Scala

Scala, Akka, and Play!: An Introduction in the Cloud

Talking about Akka, Scala and life with Jonas Bonér

Scaling Out with Scala and Akka on Heroku
The Middleware Connection: Scala, Akka, and Heroku

Scala, Akka, and Play: an Introduction on Heroku

Actors in Java
Thinking Asynchronous – Domain Modeling using Akka Transactors – Part 1

Unit testing Akka Actors with the TestKit

Clojure and Akka: A match made in …
The Scala programming language, Akka middleware, Play web framework and tools in a simple, open source package.
High Level Concurrency with JRuby and Akka Actors

Klanngism: Dining hakkers
A blog about the tools, methods and thinking of successful software development and developers. Viktor Klang is a code connoisseur and pragmatic software professional currently residing in the exotic Helsingborg and working as Akka Tech Lead at Typesafe Inc..

Jonas Boner
I’m the co-founder and CTO of Typesafe building a software stack for scalable systems

The Play framework makes it easier to build Web applications with Java and Scala

Using Cassandra with Scala and Akka

jboner / akka

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