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September 12, 2013

Akka: Links, News And Resources (3)

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Akka Clojure
A clojureish wrapper for Akka (

ornicar/lila · GitHub
Multiplayer online chess written in scala with akka and play2

Akka Eye for the Spring Guy or Gal
Jan Machacek introduces writing Scala applications to Spring developers, demoing using Akka actors with mix-in composition, higher-order functions, higher-order kinds, and REST API.

Let it crash • Akka 2.1.0 Released

Let it crash • When to use TypedActors
This is another topic which comes up from time to time on the mailing list: typed actors are “nice”, but some things work differently or not at all, so what exactly are they good for?

Scaling Software with Akka

Message send semantics — Akka Documentation

Testing Actors in Akka |

Concurrent and Distributed Applications with Akka, Java and Scala

Testing Actors in Akka |

Introducing Akka on Vimeo

The Akka kata implemented in Java

Let it crash • Discovering message flows in actor systems with the Spider Pattern

Demonstration of the common Akka patterns

A test project to deploy an Akka v2.1 ActorSystem in an OSGi bundle

protostuff-runtime based serializers for Akka

quickser based serializers for Akka

Pi Approximation distributed over the network using AKKA 2.0 Remote Actors

An implementation of CQRS using scalaz for functional domain models and Akka for event sourcing

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