End Of Iteration 2013w37

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My work in this week:


I’m interested in distributed applications. I already written an simple implementation of Storm project in JavaScript/Node.js, see:


Now, I started a new implementation in C#:


I hope to add:

– Multithreading
– Distributed processing
– Dynamic load (adding, removing workers in runtime)
– ACK of messages a la Storm

I don’t like to have an schema/fields for tuples. In this first implementation, I want to process arbitrary objects.


There are new features at:


Like a REPL:

SharpMongo 0.0.1
> show dbs
> show collections
> use foo
> show dbs
> db.people.insert({ Name: 'Adam', Age: 800 })
> db.people.insert({ Name: 'Eve', Age: 700 })
> show collections
> db.people.find()
{ "Name": "Adam", "Age": 800, "Id": 4d802e11-a038-468e-bd26-38e96ad6f7d8 }
{ "Name": "Eve", "Age": 700, "Id": b29917f1-70f1-4f6c-95bb-f789fa9bf3c0 }


I published the version 0.0.1:


It has left recursion, and now I’m using it from PageJs.


My compiler of PHP to JavaScript. It’s taking shape at:


I can parse simple expression, and one assignment command. Also, it can preprocess a text with <? ?>, <?php ?>, <?= ?>, and convert it to plain PHP code. Then, it can be compiled to simple JavaScript. I want to run a simple web server using Node.js, and JIT compiled PHP files.


My implementation of MongoDB ideas, in JavaScript, in-memory, in-process:


Now it has document bases, collections, and the main methods for collections, like insert, find with query, update, etc. I want to put persistence as a plugin (to discuss: change the API to async)

I worked on two non-public projects, both in C#. In one, I did a surgical refactor, TDD saved my day!

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez



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