New Month’s Resolutions: October 2013

My September resolutions:

– Update SimpleForth [pending]
– Give a talk about SimpleMongo, SharpMongo [pending]
– Update SimpleMongo [complete] see repo
– Update SharpMongo [complete] see repo
– Update PageJs [complete] see repo
– Update ScalaSharp [complete] see repo
– Update JPyScript [complete] see repo
– Update AjTalkJs [complete] see repo
– Update Mass scopes [pending]
– Start Web Server example with AjTalkJs [pending]
– Update AjTalk [pending]
– Update AjLispJs [pending]
– Web Server example with AjLispJs [pending]
– Prepare a talk about Scala [partial]

Additional, I worked on:

– Create SimpleBot [complete] see repo
– Update GrammGen with a new sample [complete] see repo
– New PHP samples with Node.js [complete] see repo
– More compiler features in SimpleLisp [complete] see repo

This new month’s resolutions:

– Give a talk about PHP and Node.js
– Give a talk about TDD with ASP.NET MVC
– Give a talk about Scala implementation
– Give a talk about Python in JavaScript
– Give a talk about Smalltalk in JavaScript and C#

I will update the corresponding repos, too.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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