Scala: Links, News And Resources (6)

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Concurrent and Distributed Applications with Akka, Java and Scala
by @frodriguez

A better Java: Scala or Xtend?

Ken Little on Scaling Tumblr

Scala 2013: A Pragmatic Guide to Scala Adoption in Your Java Organization

Java NIO and Scala Continuations
Combining Java’s NIO non-blocking input/output with Scala’s delimited continuations allows making a multi-client stateful server that does not require a a dedicated thread for every active client.

ReactiveMongo for Scala: Unleashing MongoDB Streaming capabilities for Realtime Web

Effective Scala

Rúnar Bjarnason on Scalaz, Lenses, Functional Programming and Scala

Scala Adding Macros to the Language

janm399 / akka-patterns
Demonstration of the common Akka patterns

Java 8 vs Scala: a Feature Comparison

Why Scala? Our Take at Boundless

Scala, Functional Programming and Play 2.0
Sadek Drobi discusses functional programming sand Scala’s multi paradigm approach at QCon London 2012. He also shares insights into the new Play 2.0 framework.

Scala ou Java? Explorando mitos, polêmicas e fatos

A Startup Junkie’s Journey to Python via Java, Ruby and Scala

Programming Language Performance

Compile Online

Ozma: Extending Scala with Oz Concurrency

Workshop: Build an Image Processing Server

romix / akka-protostuff-serialization
protostuff-runtime based serializers for Akka

romix / akka-quickser-serialization
quickser based serializers for Akka

Play!: I’ll See Your Async and Raise You Reactive
Guillaume Bort and Sadek Drobi introduce Play, a Java and Scala web development framework, insisting on its asynchronous reactive capabilities built on Iteratee IO.

Building Polyglot Systems with Scalang
Cliff Moon discusses Scalang, a message passing and actor library enabling easy communication between Scala and Erlang apps, wrapping services in Scalang actors.

Learn Scala with a Programming Game

The Scala Compiler Corner
A collection of resources for compiler hackers

tim8dev / play-akka-pi
Pi Approximation distributed over the network using AKKA 2.0 Remote Actors 🙂

debasishg / cqrs-akka
An implementation of CQRS using scalaz for functional domain models and Akka for event sourcing

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