RubySharp, implementing Ruby in C# (1)

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Every day I write code and push it to my GitHub account. The purpose is training: practice programming, programming languages and TDD (don’t forget TDD!).

I’m working in RubySharp in my spare time:

It is a Ruby interpreter written in C# (like PythonSharp, see posts). There are two solutions, with and without tests, so you can compile the small solucion witn Visual Studio Express. The solucion with tests:

I have commands and expressions. But I learned that in Ruby every is an expression, so now expressions and commands implements the same interface. The programming language Mass derived from ideas in RubySharp.

My tests (now are more tests):

To give evidence about “put my money where my mouth is”, you can check my commits at:

Next posts: implementation details, examples, scripting over .NET.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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