Code Generation: Links and Resources (1)

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A topic I forgot to add in these link posts, code generation. First links:

JRapid – The rapid development platform for Java developers
Very impressive. From Argentina. They have seen the light!

Rails tiene scaffold, nosotros usamos AjGenesis

InfoQ: Acceleo: And You Thought You Knew Template-based Generators?

Dynamic (runtime) Generation of a WCF Service contract

WinRT Fun and Games: Customise a Windows Metadata File

LLBLGen Pro, Entity Framework 4.1, and the Repository Pattern

Factories-in-the-Small: Raytheon Experiences using the Software Factories Methodologies

Yesod :: The Perils of Partially Powered Languages

Leveraging Razor Templates Outside of ASP.NET: They’re Not Just for HTML Anymore!

InfoQ: Model Driven Development Beyond Code Generation

InfoQ: Visual Studio v. Eclipse: a Comparison of Automation Tooling

XXI Encuentro GeneXus :: inicio

Generación de código, con Essential – ALT.NET Hispano Wiki

ICMT 2011: International Conference on Model Transformation 2011

YouTube – Android Development Trivialized (on Microsoft Ecosystem)
Demonstrating the power of multi-level abstractions from end-user perspective.

Manning: Metaprogramming in .NET

Seeing some frustration with repetition of properties in CQRS

PLINQO is an enhanced alternative for the most popular Object Relational Mapping frameworks. It is a set of CodeSmith Templates designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of data models, as well as provide you with an easy to use data access layer that adhears to best practices.

ORM is an anti-pattern | Seldo.Com Blog

abstracta: Generación automática de datos de prueba

MVC3.1 Scaffolding Magic with Database (or Model) First , Not Just Code First

Summary of the MELO 2011 Workshop (bringing MDE and logic programming together)

NDC 2011 – Norwegian Developers Conference 2011

Abstraction Demo Videos

Code Generation 2011 – Speaker Slides

Why program by hand in five days what you could spend five years of your life automating?

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