Code Generation: Links And Resources (2)

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Why did I fail with the online code-generation services – Advise(II): Don’t sell to developers | Modeling Languages

The Metalevel — ¡Hola Sevilla!

Galois Tech Talk (2 of 3 next week!): Model-based Code Generation and Debugging of Concurrent Programs » Calagator: Portland’s Tech Calendar

S#arp Lite: The Basics – Billy McCafferty – – Just the Tasty Bits

Introducing S#arp Lite …S#arp Architecture’s pompous little sister – Billy McCafferty – – Just the Tasty Bits

Corona SDK, una herramienta de desarrollo para iOS, Android y Kindle Fire

GeneXus Discovery – versión en español – YouTube

How To GeneXus para aplicaciones Smart Devices :: Backend en dispositivos móviles – YouTube

2 – Creación de la Base de Conocimiento – YouTube

1 – Qué es GeneXus – YouTube

InfoQ: Model Driven Development Beyond Code Generation

11 generadores avanzados de código CSS | GeeksRoom


(6) Jean Bezivin – Google+ – Lessons learned in building a model driven development…

MDA/MDD: Model is not code!? « Vincent Hanniet * IT Modernization

Greach | Hamlet D’Arcy

Default Ruby accessor method? – Stack Overflow

Mini reviews of 19 Ruby template engines

Models in Excel | Modeling Languages

InfoQ: Why Program by Hand in Five Days what You Can Spend Five Years of Your Life Automating?

jfromaniello/RazorCandle – GitHub

Modeling the User Interface

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