TDD Rocks! (1) Playing with Ruby

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Past July, I recorded a Google hangout, about on of my favorite topic: TDD (Test-Driven Development).

My first one:

TDD Rocks (1) Playing with Ruby

Well, I’m using Anglish, that is, Angel’s English ;-).

The idea is to show my TDD workflow, step by step, and in this video I’m using Ruby (I’m learning Ruby). In the second video I added more tests, like recognize numbers, words and symbols. I will apply internal refactoring, and a better implementation. I already applied that workflow in my public projects in Ruby:

My Lisp interpreter in Ruby, with access to gems

Code generation, like AjGenesis in .NET, but now using Ruby

In this video, I’m adding the minimal code to past the test. I don’t separate the class under development from the tests: they are in the same files. You can check project status:

I will publish posts with more Google hangouts, with TDD using JavaScript, C#, and more Ruby.

Keep Tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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