Node.Js: Links, News And Resources (17)

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Multiplayer HTML5, Node.js, Socket.IO

Pita / CatchGame
A simple game based on node.js

BonsaiDen / NodeGame-Shooter
Asteroids meets tons of color, meets multiplayer, meets HTML5 and falls in love with Node.


The Node Firm
Node.js consulting

How to make your first Node.js pull request

Using WebMatrix to Build a Node.js Application That Targets SQL Azure


TJ Holowaychuk: Components

bigeasy / proof
A test non-framework for Node.js

rehanift / engine.js
A scriptable task engine

Twilio Evangelist Builds Popular Phone-Powered Rolling Robot, Hints Flying Bot Is Next
Jonathan Gottfried, Twilio’s resident developer evangelist, recently posted a tutorial on the company’s blog that shows developers how to build a basic robot that can be wirelessly powered with your phone, using Twilio, Arduino and Node.js.

Build a Phone-controlled Robot Using Node.js, RN-XV WiFly, Arduino and Twilio

tjanczuk / haiku-http
Multi-tenant runtime for simple HTTP web APIs


Ten Lessons Learned Maintaining Nodejs Modules


skhameneh / model.js
A barebones “framework” for creating extensible classes with event models in JavaScript

Video: Desarrollando en Node.js desde Mac OS y desplegando en Azure Web Sites

hgourvest / node-xml-lite
Pure javascript XML SAX parser for Node.js


Planet node.js

substack / node-editor
launch $EDITOR in your program

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