TDD Rocks! (2) OStore With JavaScript/Node.js

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I recorded this Google Hangout on air. It was automatically published on my Youtube account:

An in-memory object store. This time, the programming language is JavaScript, using Node.js. As usual, I’m speaking Anglish (Angel’s English).

I showed my usual workflow of development, starting with Node.js require(‘assert’). Even when the under-development software should run in browser, I wrote it from console, using Node.js and a minimal library. As an example, see the commits of that I use from the browser at

In this first code, I didn’t think on callbacks. Maybe, in future requirements, I will refactor/redesign the code to support them. In that case, I could use MongoDb as an store. But I prefer to start simple and do “baby steps” instead of designing a lot at beginning.

When we follow the TDD workflow, software development is like a video-game: we are going from one level to the next, solving puzzles (making a test running in green). And then, applying refactor to minimize technical debt. The  software grows organically, where each line of production code can be traced back to a test.

There is a second video.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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