Python in JavaScript/Node.js

Some weeks ago, I attended an excellent conference, PyCon Argentina 2013. I should write about my personal experience. Now, I want to publish links and comments about the talk I gave.

As other talks, it is related to JavaScrip y Node.js. I explained my work on compiling Python to JavaScript, using JavaScript. My slides at:

You can read them online:

I was using Node.js:

The project I presented is at:

It can compile .py files to JavaScript, on the fly. And it can access to Node.js modules using import notation



Example using Express:

I mentioned other projects:

Recently, it entered in my radar:

See the benchmarks:

An additional branch. Past year, I gave a talk about Python implementations, and I mentioned PyPy. This year, I assisted to interesting PyPy talks. I started to explore how to compile Python to C, this time using JavaScript. My first attempts:

More fun is comming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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