End Of Iteration 2013w47

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Implementing Ruby

My main outcome is my work on implementing Ruby, using C#:


I implemented:

– Access to native types and objects
– Modules
– Classes
– Nested modules and classes
– Require of Ruby programs
– Require of native dlls
– Singleton class
– Examples (console, win forms, http)

I will present this work this week, at RubyConf Argentina 2013


Implementing Ruby in JavaScript

I started a new implementation, this time in JavaScript


It is still work in progress. I’m using SimpleGrammar for the parser/lexer, but I should review this path. Ruby syntax has some quirks to tackle.

Other works:

– Refactor of CobolScript: https://github.com/ajlopez/CobolScript
– Work on three non-public projects

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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