TDD Rocks! (5) SharpBase in C#

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I’m coding SharpBase, documenting my TDD workflow using Google Hangouts. The new video at:

I implemented how to insert a row, given its values the method returns the new row. In this first test I only tested that the row was built. In the second tests I managed to implement the store of rows in a table. There is no interaction between rows and columns, yet. I could add tests for:

– Insert has less values than defined columns

– Insert has more values than defined columns

– Defined types in columns

– Autonumeric column

– Primary Key column

– Retrieve by primary key value

– Retrieve with given values (like MongoDB find), that is, query by example

– Query with operators

Those are things to write in the upcoming tests. I could record one or more videos, and then, I would switch to direct code in GitHub. The videos are for explaining the workflow, but after a few example I guess the process is clear. The idea is to implement using “baby steps”, and new tests/examples. TDD is like to play a videogame. Each new test/example is a challenge, and when we code to pass the test in green, we reach a new level in the game.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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