New Month’s Resolutions: December 2013

Review of my November’s resolutions:

This new month’s resolution:

– Start compiler reduced Python to C, using JavaScript [complete] repo
– Give a talk about Ruby in C# [complete] slides repo
– Start Ruby to JavaScript compiler [complete] repo
– Complete variable scope in Mass language [pending]
– Give a talk about compiling languages to JavaScript [complete] slides
– Write web framework for AjTalkJs (to be used in Node.js) (plain? MVC?) [pending]
– Improve NPM modules in AjTalkJs and AjTalk [partial] repo
– Improve unit test support in AjTalkjs and AjTalk [partial] repo
– Improve match and data structure in AjErl [pending]

My December’s resolutions:

– Give a one-day Node.js course
– Refactor and improve CobolScript
– Continue writing Ruby to JavaScript compiler
– Variable scope in Mass language
– More modules in AjTalkJs

More fun is coming ;-)

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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