Ruby: Links, News And Resources (7)

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Ruby for Kids

Composition Of Responsibility vs Interface Implementation

Python vs PHP vs Ruby

Dando los primero pasos en Ruby

Try Ruby

Episode 2 – All The Cool Kids Use Ruby

Shoes is a cross-platform toolkit for writing graphical apps easily and artfully using Ruby.

monkeybars / monkeybars-core
MVC GUI framework using JRuby and Swing

Rawr, a packaging and deployment tool, is all you’ll ever need for your JRuby projects. With Rawr, a simple, pre-generated configuration file turns your code into an executable jar, a .exe for Windows, and a .app for OS X.

Swing with JRuby: Developing a Desktop Application with the JRuby and Java Swing APIs

It creates a skelton .rb file from a .glade file.

Screencast: Coding Conway’s Game of Life in Ruby the TDD Way with RSpec

Shoes Roundup: Ruby GUI App Development Goodness

Rack (web server interface)

Fast, concurrent ruby web applications with EventMachine and EM::Synchrony

Integrate Shoes into Aptana Studio RadRails

Rack App from Scratch

rdebug Cheat Sheet

Intro to OWIN and Knack

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