Python: Links, News And Resources (14)

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A test fixtures replacement for Python

Introducción a Tryton Application Platform // Speaker Deck

exception – Try/Catch in Python – Stack Overflow

Open Source Game


Creando un SCADA con Python y HTML5

Virtual machines should be invisible

PyCon Argentina 2012 – Design Patterns en Python // Speaker Deck

Python 2 debe morir // Speaker Deck

PyCon 2012

python – How to install pip on windows? – Stack Overflow

Flask – El microframework que revoluciona el mundo // Speaker Deck

pilas-engine – haciendo juegos en medio de la revolución // Speaker Deck

slides/ponete-pilas-django at master · machinalis/slides

slides/javascript-para-programadores-python at master · machinalis/slides

¡ Bienvenido a pilas !
Game Engine

A Simple Python NodeVisitor Example

Eli Bendersky’s website » Blog Archive » Python internals: Working with Python ASTs

Blender – Python

Watch PyDay Rafaela Episodes | Blip

Twitter / reingart: Introducción a Sugar en @pyconar …

Jython 2.7 and techniques for integrating with Java – Frank Wierzbicki

Java Empowered by Jython

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