TDD Rocks! (7) OStore With JavaScript/Node.Js

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I published a new Google Hangout session, showing how I’m working on project OStore, using TDD Workflow:


In this sample, I’m not learning JavaScript, I already known it. I use the minimal code, in this case the module assert, built-in in Node.js. I sacrifice the isolation of test to gain in simplicity.

In this session, I implemented a find methods a la query by example, like in MongoDb. Now, it is returning an array of JavaScript objects. I could refactor it to return a cursor. Then, the cursor could retrieve millions of records, without using an array as memory.

But you know my workflow: baby steps, make it works, then, make it right, make i fast. In other project I’m reproducing MongoDB behavior directrly in in-process JavaScript.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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