End Of Iteration 2013w52

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Another week, with open source projects activities, and deliberate TDD practice.


My Erlang interpreter written in C#:


I added:

– Function definitions
– Module (with context by module)
– Forms (elements of a module)

Notably, Erlang REPL has expressions, and Erlang module has forms (in Erlang terminology). Now, the parser can parse expressions and forms. Machine object can load a module file. Pending items: complete c primitive function (compile a module).

Revamping PHP Sites

I removed short tags from PHP sites:


to be ready to run in modern hosting. I published my personal web site old code


to be revamped in the same way.

Code Generation with AjGenesis, Node.js and Express

I improved my code generation projects, based on JavaScript/Node.js

https://github.com/ajlopez/AjGenesisNode-Entity (to add entities to a model using command line interface)

I wrote the first steps (minimal controller, mongodb persistence, app, services, …) for Express



I started a Dylan interpreter written in C#


Dylan looks like a nice programming language, to explore. With Lisp roots, but modern syntax, it can be compiled, but I want to apply “baby steps”: my first goal is an interpreter. As usual, I will add access to native .NET types and objects, and .NET ecosystem.


I worked on two non-public projects, learning Visual Studio Office Tools, and first steps into ASP.NET MVC 5.

More fun is coming!

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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