Erlang: Links, News And Resources (3)

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Brief Introduction to Parse Transformations

Differences between pattern matching and unification?

mashion/chloe · GitHub
A realtime web server that doesn’t suck… or at least won’t suck when it’s finished.

InfoQ: Chloe and the Real Time Web

.NET Rocks! Bryan Hunter and OJ Reeves Program in Erlang

Erlang EUnit – introduction « Erlang, Testing and TDD

Dizzy Smith – Building Erlang Applications With Rebar

Erlang Factory – Dave Smith, YAED. Author of rebar and bitcask

How to create, build, and run an Erlang OTP application using Rebar | Skeptomai

Richard Jones | Erlang rebar tutorial: generating releases and upgrades

Rebar – Erlang Web wiki

Erlang App. Management with Rebar


Erlang – Leex and Yecc []

Qrly – selectores a lo jquery para XML y HTML en erlang


Distributed OTP Applications | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!

generate HTML (or XML) using CSS-like selectors in erlang

Erlang Factory: Chad DePue: Lua Integration with Erlang

Erlang Factory – Chad DePue, Entrepreneur and creator of

Inaka Networks: Scaling Erlang

Inaka Networks
Erlang programming from Argentina (ex-Microsoft founder)

Seth Ladd’s Blog: Calculating Combinations the Erlang Way

Generate permutations iteratively without recursion or stack with Ruby/Erlang

erlang – How to effectively store a large set of permutations? – Stack Overflow

recursion – Generate custom permutations with Erlang – Stack Overflow

Permutations – Rosetta Code

Erlang Solutions’s videos on Vimeo

Charla: Gestión de Llamadas con Erlang/OTP | Bosque Viejo

Philip Wadler’s home page

Concurrency in Erlang & Scala: The Actor Model / Ruben Vermeersch (RubenV)

What is actor model in context of a programming language?

Reia Programming Language
Reia is a Ruby-like scripting language for the Erlang virtual machine. Reia brings you the best of both worlds between Ruby’s friendly syntax, reflection, metaprogramming, and the amazing power of blocks, and Erlang’s immense abilities for concurrency, distribution, hot code swapping, and fault tolerance.

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