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January 7, 2014

End of Iteration 2014w01

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First iteration of the year, more open source ideas, design, and TDD deliberate practice.

Code Generation, using AjGenesis

I updated my AjGenesis tool for code generation AjGenesis module to manage entity model AjGenesis module with tasks and templates to generate a simple web site, based on Node.js, Express, MongoDB

You can try the Quick Start of the Express module. Next steps:

– More property types
– Client-side validation
– Generate some basic tests
– Support of one-to-many entity relation

I could adapt the same templates to have another module that will generate PHP, MySQL web sites.


I published version 0.0.1 of:

I need it for chaining async calls in my tests and in my controlles in a non-public project. Use case to be described.


I started to write a C# interpreter:

trying to emulate Dylan language:

It’s a lisp-like programming language, with classes, and with a more Ruby/Python-like syntax, instead of parenthesis. As usual, I want to access native .NET types, classes and ecosystem, from a dynamic languages.


I added first module support for my Erlang C# interpreter


I continue to adapt my old PHP sites to support latests PHP versions. I was working on three non-public projects, too.

More fun is coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


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