End Of Iteration 2014w03

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Great week extending interpreters.


My Erlang implementation as interpreter in C#


I added multi-functions, that is, functions with the same name and arity, but with different argument matching conditions. And I started to write a minimal Process, to have threads running functions. Next steps: implement process mailboxes.


I was working on my C# implementation


I started to add Java Dot Notation, to access native types and objects. So, I grabbed some code from RubySharp/PythonSharp/AjSharp to access .NET types and objects, and wrapped functions to invoke properties, methods and constructors.


More work on implementing Akka-like actor model in C#


I should refactor mailbox implementation. After a bit of design, I decided to have a worker thread by actor, consuming a concurrent queue. ActorRef could add message to the queue.

RuScript, ScaScript and SimpleGrammar

I updated the version of SimpleGrammar


to fix a bug detected consuming the library from RuScript:


I’m using SimpleGrammar in


my Scala-like interpreter in JavaScript (I just implemented only a minimal parser).


I was working in two non-public projects, and updating old PHP personal sites. I moved the code generated for Sinatra


to use a modular instead of classic approach.

More fun is comming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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