MongoDB: Links, News, And Resources (2)

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Powered by MongoDB: Rafflecopter
Rafflecopter is a web app that helps online publishers run sweepstakes on
their own blogs and other sites.

Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase vs Membase vs
Neo4j comparison

ric03uec / nodeblox
an extensive nodejs tutorial

MongoDB for Akka Persistence

MongoDB, Java and Object Relational Mapping
Today’s NoSQL landscape includes a number of very capable contenders
tackling big data problems in many different ways. One of these contenders
is the very capable MongoDB. MongoDB is a document-oriented schema-less
storage solution that uses JSON-style documents to represent, query and
modify data.

A Year with MongoDB

How can I set up MongoDB on a Node.js server using node-mongodb-native in
an EC2 environment?

Creating a simple blog with node.js, express and mongodb

Getting Started with MongoDB and Node.js

A simple log server using express, nodejs, and mongodb

Building Backbone.js Apps With Ruby, Sinatra, MongoDB and Haml

Making a ToDo list with node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, MongoHQ, and Heroku

ToolPartTeam / backbone-mongodb

Composition Of Responsibility vs Interface Implementation

Using MongoDB with ASP.NET Web API

Hadoop plugin for MongoDB: The Elephant in the Room

Clojure demo web application using Ring, Compojure, MongoDB and Fusion

Heroku, mongo, node.js – a problem

marcello3d / node-mongolian

Using MongoDB on Mono
Justin Dearing presents a brief introduction to MongoDB, and focuses on
interacting with it in Mono via the official 10gen driver. Techniques for
handling business logic in application code, such as LINQ are discussed.
This is a very code centric talk.

MongoDB – How To Benchmark and Test Performance Using mongo-perf

MongoDB – Operations in the New Aggregation Framework

mongodb / mongo-hadoop

Rails Caching Benchmarked: MongoDB, Redis, Memcached

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