End Of Iteration 2014w05

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As usual, I was working on my open source projects:


Big advances:


I implemented mailbox in processes, and now I have a send operator !, and a receive expression. I started to add map support (the new Erlang feature) and now I have export form in place.

Using messages, send and receive, I could communicate local processes.

Next steps: selective receive, distributed applications.


My project:


It is still an interpreter, work in progress, of Scala, written in C#. But this week I added first type info support. In general, in my interpreter, I didn’t write type checks. But in this case, the source language, Scala, is a typed one. So I added TypeInfo to def arguments, returns, and var and val commands. I should decide where to put the type checking: I could add some checkpoints at parser time, but some class def are not known at that time, so I should add a second pass visitor for pending type checking.

Anyway, TDD supports my work and my refactor/redesigns!


My Scala interpreter in JavaScript (not a compiler, yet)


Few additions, but now I have types for var, val, def. I’m applying “dog fooding” of my SimpleGrammar module.

The same for


I was working on three non-public projects, involving C#, Excel plugin, web applications in ASP.NET MVC, and simple server with Node.js/JavaScript and geolocation trends using d3.js

More fun is comming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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