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April 17, 2014

Dynamic Applications in Node.js

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Last year I participated in the competition Node.js Knockout organized by Nodejitsu. Working alone, in the Solo Ninja team, I was coding two days in a weekend. My project, largely written using the TDD flow, aims to define one or more online applications. An application can have one or more lists of entities. Each entity can have properties defined interactively. I should add one to many relations between entities.

You can see the video presentation of my work to the judges:

After the competition, I moved my code into my GitHub account:

I found interesting to dynamically define an application, rather than write it or generate code from a model. JavaScript and Node.js is a dynamic duo that helped me to implement this type of applications. My goal is to extend the ideas in order to have a simple implementation of what could be armed with Force, Salesforce. Some ideas:

– Add programming tasks (written in controlled JavaScript)
– More viewers (for web and mobile)
– Public and private application store
– Deploy an application written by others

In recent weeks I’ve been studying SharePoint Online. Now, I have new ideas for implement an Application Store for dynamic applications.

More fun is coming!

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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