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Spring Scala

Death to cookies, long live JSON Web Tokens – YouTube

Death to Cookies, Long Live Tokens // Speaker Deck

Anant Narayanan – Building Realtime Apps With Firebase and Angular – NG-Conf 2014 – YouTube

Learn JavaScript Part 3 – AngularJS and Langton’s Ant – CodeProject

Karma – Spectacular Test Runner for Javascript

10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn Angular – CodeProject

How to Make an Email Web App using Angular – CodeProject

Real-time, multi-user, co-browse tech for web and mobile apps: GoInstant

Implementing a Flowchart with SVG and AngularJS – CodeProject

DI v2 talk Links (ng-conf 2014)


Structuring an Angular Project | John Papa

Cookies vs Tokens. Getting auth right with Angular.JS

Controller in AngularJS

Modular AngularJS NuGet Packages | John Papa

Building a Single Page Application with AngularJS and Neo4J – Setup | a thousand lines of code

Deploying a Yeoman/Angular app to Heroku – SitePoint

Building a Startup Stack with AngularJS

Angular Models

Deconstructing AngularJS Injector | NeverFriday

AngularJS Buenos Aires – 2° Meetup – YouTube

traider is an open source to ecommerce | coded with love (and javascript: nodejs, angularjs and mongodb)

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