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TDD: Links, News And Resources (16)

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Commentary on ‘Roman Numerals Kata with Commentary’ | F# for fun and profit

TDD and Refactoring with LEGO

Home – Chai

Programmers Without TDD Will be Unemployable by 2022 | Web Builder Zone

Workflows of Refactoring

The Transformation Priority Premise | 8th Light


Feelings Erased: Mocks are “breaking encapsulation”? Here’s why I disagree…

Getting Started · Arquillian Guides

Triangulation in Test-driven Development – YouTube

Visual Studio 2012: “Where is the Test Toolbar. Couldn’t find it anywhere” – Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Robert C. Martin – The Land that Scrum Forgot – YouTube

Mistaeks I Hav Made

Mistaeks I Hav Made: Visualising Test Terminology

Skills Matter : In The Brain of Carlos Ble: Behaviour-driven

Putting An Age-Old Battle To Rest – The Code Whisperer

Beyond Mock Objects – The Code Whisperer

Go Convey


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End Of Iteration 2014w21

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My Clojure interpreter in C#

now it has a console program, and minor improvements.


My Scala interpreter in C#

I was working in type detection, and separating expression nodes from command nodes.


I started

A more clear implementation for dynamic apps in JavaScript/NodeJs


Go programming language interpreter in C#

Many improvements in lexer and parser.


I updated my syntax highlighter in JavaScript. Added samples to Minor changes in Adding right arrow in function definition for I was working on three non-public projects, too. More fun is coming.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

TDD: Links, News And Resources (15)

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Testing Your JavaScript with Jasmine | Nettuts

O’Reilly Webcast: TDD Web Development from Scratch with Python – YouTube

Test-Driven Web Development with Python

Obey the Testing Goat!


RubyTapas Freebie – Gem-Love Part 3 | Virtuous Code

Unit Testing “Hello World” – AngularJS Video Tutorial – @eggheadio

Test Driven Development (TDD) with Clojure – Mein(un)sinn



pytest: helps you write better programs
refactor testing tdd

Testing en la Conferencia Agile Spain 2.013

TDD With Python and Pylons – An Experiment in Scotch

test double | double takes | JavaScript Testing Tactics.

Learn MVC (Model view controller) Step by Step in 7 days – Day 2 – CodeProject

Testable JavaScript

Some great resources to begin learning node.js – barbarian meets coding

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (14)

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Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript

Crisp’s Blog » Good and Bad Technical Debt (and how TDD helps)

pinocchio — extensions for the ‘nose’ unit testing framework

The Land that Scrum Forgot – Scrum Alliance

Steve Freeman

Mistaeks I Hav Made

Growing C++ Software Guided by Tests

Slow Tests are the Symptom, not the Cause – Re-factor

Tidalwave – Blog

Testing code is simple – Saving the planet, one website at a time

Introducción al TDD (con JS) y porque no hay que evitarlo « Me.log( … )

Test First | 8th Light



Beyond Test Driven Development | Liz Keogh, lunivore

A Case Against Cucumber | 8th Light

(7) Marco Antonio González Gómez-Caro – Google+

Duplicated Test Code & High Coupling – Software People Inspiring

Behavior Driven Development

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TDD: Links, News And Resources (13)

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Brian Swan tells us why Mocks suck on Vimeo

ScotRUG Talks – Brian Swan Inside Out TDD on Vimeo

ScotRUG Talks Matt Wynne Outside-in TDD on Vimeo

LA Ruby Conference 2013 It’s not your test framework, it’s you by Robbie Clutton, Matt Parker – YouTube

Applying the transformation priority premise to Hanoi Tower’s kata

Presenter First
Organizing Complex GUI Applications for Test-Driven Development

Robert Martin compares GOOS outside in approach with his inside out approach – Google Groups!msg/growing-object-oriented-software/GNS8bQ93yOo/-MsDlyUGe84J

what’s the london school of tdd? at My Agile Education

Vincent Tencé | Simple Web Development In Java

TDD, where did it all go wrong – YouTube

What is BDD and why should I care? on Vimeo

Stub your data access layer; it won’t hurt – The Code Whisperer

Moq Rebirth #1 – YouTube

Google Testing Blog: Testing on the Toilet: Test Behavior, Not Implementation

Tea-Driven Development :: Half-arsed agile

8LU: Advanced Concepts in TDD on Vimeo

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Deep Learning: Links, News and resources (1)

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A Primer on Deep Learning | DataRobot

Meet the Man Google Hired to Make AI a Reality | Enterprise | WIRED

Graduate Summer School: Deep Learning, Feature Learning

Facebook Chases Google’s Deep Learning with New Research Group | MIT Technology Review

AI Developers to power new generation of context driven artificial intelligence | SiliconANGLE

Deep Learning (or not): The why’s have it — FactorialWise

Neural networks and deep learning

The Man Behind the Google Brain: Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI | Enterprise | WIRED

ccv 0.6 open sources near state-of-the-art image classifier under Creative Commons

An Introduction to Deep Learning (in Java): From Perceptrons to Deep Networks | Toptal

How Google’s Robots Can Learn Like Humans | Fast Company | Business Innovation

Why Google Is Investing In Deep Learning ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code community

How deep learning can teach computers Spanish without a tutor — Tech News and Analysis

We’re on the cusp of deep learning for the masses. You can thank Google later — Tech News and Analysis

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End Of Iteration 2014w20

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Go programming language interpreter in C#:

I added comparison operators in lexer, parse binary expression using arithmetic and comparison operators, add statements separated by semicolons, parse blocks, parse assignment. Go is a type language, so I’m building the Abstract Syntax Tree of to-be-typed nodes, before evaluating the expressions as in an untyped interpreter.


Simple HTML scraper, implemented in plain JavaScript, without dependencies:

It runs on Node.js, but it could run from browser. I improved the sample use cases, scraping two popular Argentinean news sites. The samples get an article or a frontpage, and produce JSON output.


Clojure interpreter in C#:

This week I added multi-functions: functions defined with different bodies according to arity (no argument, one argument, two arguments and rest, etc..) I started to add support for anonymous function macro reader


A minor refactor in my syntax highlighter in JavaScript, work in progress. I added some simple samples to I started to support the add of named nodes to compiler context in I also worked on three non-public projects. More fun is coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez