Deep Learning: Links, News and resources (1)

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A Primer on Deep Learning | DataRobot

Meet the Man Google Hired to Make AI a Reality | Enterprise | WIRED

Graduate Summer School: Deep Learning, Feature Learning

Facebook Chases Google’s Deep Learning with New Research Group | MIT Technology Review

AI Developers to power new generation of context driven artificial intelligence | SiliconANGLE

Deep Learning (or not): The why’s have it — FactorialWise

Neural networks and deep learning

The Man Behind the Google Brain: Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI | Enterprise | WIRED

ccv 0.6 open sources near state-of-the-art image classifier under Creative Commons

An Introduction to Deep Learning (in Java): From Perceptrons to Deep Networks | Toptal

How Google’s Robots Can Learn Like Humans | Fast Company | Business Innovation

Why Google Is Investing In Deep Learning ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code community

How deep learning can teach computers Spanish without a tutor — Tech News and Analysis

We’re on the cusp of deep learning for the masses. You can thank Google later — Tech News and Analysis

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