MongoDB: Links, News, And Resources (5)

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MongoDB with Jongo – sleeves up! – For the sake of imagination

alexferreira/restgen · GitHub

10 questions to ask (and answer) when hosting MongoDB on AWS

The MongoDB NoSQL Database Blog, The MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js

How NoSQL, MySQL and MongoDB worked together to solve a big-data problem

Building Single Page Web Applications with Backbone.js, JaxRS, MongoDB, and OpenShift | OpenShift by Red Hat

Analytics: Analyzing tracked events

Building Web Applications with MongoDB: An Introduction | 10gen

MongoDB San Francisco 2013 | 10gen

Docs | InvaNode


i-vetrov/InvaNode-mongo · GitHub
InvaNode CMS with MongoDB

danparn/brumba · GitHub
Build desktop-like Web applications with Node.js and MongoDb on server

MongoDB March Madness Hackathon – London MongoDB User Group (London, England) – Meetup

xavi/noir-auth-app · GitHub
A complete authentication web app based on Clojure/ClojureScript, Compojure, lib-noir, Enlive and MongoDB.

astalker/nblog · GitHub
A Simple CMS module for Node Js using Express, EJS and Mongo

Episode 101 – Real-World Windows Azure with Auth0 | Windows Azure Cloud Cover Show | Channel 9

I’ll Give MongoDB Another Try. In Ten Years. | Diego Basch’s Blog

MongoDB Is Still Broken by Design 5-0 • myNoSQL

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