Internet of Things: Links, News and Resources (1)

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Internet of Things Market Value: $19 trillion by 2024 | BGR

SkyNet – Machine-to-machine instant messaging (M2M IM) open communications platform & API for the internet of things.

homeos – Microsoft Research

Microsoft adds a Lab of Things to its HomeOS | ZDNet

Microsoft staffs up its evolving Internet of Things team | ZDNet


Intel Takes IT into the Toilet

Home | Nest Launches Salesforce1, A New CRM Platform For Connecting Apps, Services Like Dropbox And the Internet of Things | TechCrunch

How Wi-Fi Direct Works As A Gateway To The Internet Of Things – ReadWrite

How the “Internet of Things” May Change the World

El futuro de internet esta … en todas las cosas. | Blog Internet de las cosas

webiopi – Raspberry Pi Internet of Things framework – Google Project Hosting

What the ‘Internet of things’ really means | Consumerization Of It – InfoWorld

The Internet of Things: In action – The Next Web

MQTT: MQ Telemetry Transport

Making things that works with us

mcollina/qest · GitHub

The Internet of Things broker that loves devices and web developers
Turn Your Raspberry Pi into a Ninja Block! | Ninja Blocks

The Ninja Platform | Ninja Blocks

Open source building blocks for the Internet of Things – Jfokus 2013

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