Docker: Links, News And Resources (1)

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Docker for Dummies | Footy ‘n’ Tech

Upgrade to Ruby 2.1.0? – Discourse Meta

Vagrant 1.6 Feature Preview: Docker-Based Development Environments – Vagrant

This is a really great step forward – thanks Mitchell! I’ve recently spent a co… | Hacker News

dotcloud/docker · GitHub

Get started quicker with our docker image

Move fast and don’t break things! Testing with Jenkins, Ansible and Docker

Running an Akka Cluster with Docker Containers | Adventures in HttpContext

Docker’s red-hot application portability solution | Application virtualization – InfoWorld

Docker : The good parts | Shrikrishna Holla

Docker 0.8: Quality, new builder features, btrfs, OSX support | Docker Blog

Redis Master-Slave on Docker


Introducing Gaudi: An Architect for Multi-Component Applications – Le blog de marmelab

Meet the 2013 enterprise superstars | VentureBeat | Enterprise | by Christina Farr

Stackdock – Docker hosting on blazing fast dedicated infrastructure


Docker presentation

The Future of Cloud Computing Now Runs on All Versions of Linux | Wired Enterprise |

Got a Minute? Spin up a Spark cluster on your laptop with Docker. | AMPLab – UC Berkeley


Production Quality MongoDB Setup with Docker — Code adventures — Medium

Homepage – Docker, The linux container engine

Presentación, Docker y Dokku – Surculus Fructum

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