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New Month’s Resolutions: July 2014

A new month started, time to review my June 2014 resolutions, and write new ones:

– Continue AjErl [pending]
– Continue ScalaSharp [complete] repo 
– Continue SharpGo [complete] repo
– Variable scope in Mass Language [complete] repo
– Start SimpleItems [pending]
– Continue SimpleApps [partial] repo
– Continue ClojSharp [pending]
– Continue DictSharp [pending]
– First AjErl distributed use case [pending]
– First Aktores distributed use case [pending]
– Write C# Posts [complete] Spanish Posts
– Write TDD Post [complete] Spanish post
– Improve my personal site code [complete]

Additionally, I worked on:

– Create and publish first version SimpleCurry, functional programming helpers in JavaScript [complete]  repo
– Create and publish first version LoadJsons, load JSON model from many files, in JavaScript/Node [complete]  repo
– Create a Dynamic Site in Express 4, defined by JSON [complete]  repo
– Generate Express 4 code using AjGenesisNode [complete]  repo
– Generate Sinatra code using AjGenesisNode [complete]  repo
– Improve AjGenesisNode, AjGenesisNode-Model, AjGenesisNode-Entity [complete]  repo repo repo
– Continue DylanSharp [complete]  repo
– Create SharpBus, Mule-like simple bus in C# [complete]  repo

These are my resolutions for July 2014:

– Improve AjGenesisNode code generation for Express
– Improve AjGenesisNode code generation for Sinatra
– First AjGenesisNode code generation for Laraval
– Module loading, export review in Mass Language
– Continue with SharpBus
– Continue with Dynamic Site
– Give a talk about Node.js/Express
– Improve my personal site code
– Write TDD Post
– Write C# Posts
– Distributed use using Aktores
– Review, refactor and continue RustScript implementation

More fun is coming.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez