New Month’s Resolutions: September 2014

A bit late, time to review my August’s Resolutions:

– Write jQuery mock to be used in console tests/Node.js [complete] see repo
– Write simple functions in JavaScript for array manipulation [complete] see repo
– Continue with Liqueed project [complete] see repo
– Start with Distributed Aktores [partial] see repo
– Startwith Distributed AjErl [pending]

Additionally, I worked on:

– Give an intro talk about Express [complete] see repo see presentation see samples
– Improve AjScript [complete] see repo
– Improve RuScript, Ruby interpreter in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Refactor SimplePipes [complete] see repo
– Generate Node.js/Express server code from RAML [complete] see repo
– Create Dynamic Site from JSON to Express [complete] see repo
– Improve RustScript, Rust interpreter in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– Create Mochy, test framework a la Mocha [complete] see repo
– Create RSharp, R language interpreter in C# [complete] see repo
– Refactor (and simplify) SimpleRules, rule engine in JavaScript [complete] see repo
– First samples for SimpleMule [complete] see repo
– Improve output for SimpleUnit [complete] see repo

My new month’s resolutions:

– Distributed Aktores
– Distributed AjErl
– Web support and example for RuScript
– Complete Mochy
– Improve RSharp
– Work with NodeJs on Deep Learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence
– Work on Code Generation using AjGenesis for Node
– Work on Liqueed Project

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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