Smalltalk: Links, News And Resources (20)

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Objective-Smalltalk talk at FOSDEM 2014 – YouTube

Alan Kay On Messaging

Pharo Smalltalk – YouTube

pathToolsFramework – Squeak Community Projects

Pharo4 Plans and Dreams – YouTube

39 – Leandro Caniglia – self ideas asStream next – YouTube

20 – Nicolas Petton – Amber Smalltalk – YouTube

32 – Hernan Wilkinson – Web Development In Smalltalk For Newbies – YouTube

15 – Dale Henrichs – tODE: And Now For Something Completely Different – YouTube

Smalltalk reddit

Where Smalltalk Went Wrong 2

Where Smalltalk Went Wrong

Saying Goodbye To Python

Interview with Esteban Lorenzano

The goal of RMoD is to support remodularization of object-oriented applications. This objective is tackled from two complementary perspectives: reengineering and modularity constructs for programming languages.

PhaROS – FOSDEM 2014 – Slides

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