JavaScript and Artificial Intelligence (1)

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Thanks to the people of Argentina JSConf 2014, I gave a short talk on JavaScript and Artificial Intelligence. The idea was to quickly present some ideas, algorithms, demo implementations, and close with comments on what looks interesting to follow. Artificial intelligence is a broad term, and was born decades. Since then, it has accumulated definitions, ambitions, tools and approaches to try to build intelligent agents.

The talk repository:

with links, projects, demos, and additional resources.

The slides at:

Slides online:

In the talk I visited two major issues: genetic algorithms and neural networks. There was also a short time spent exploring a tree board game. And there’s a demo of genetic algorithm applied to evolutionary programming. It was out of the talk the issue of creating decision trees based on data. I will discuss in future posts: ideas, demos and resources that interested me, and some projects I was writing.

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Angel “Java” Lopez