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Today, I want to present the Liqueed Project, see repo at:

It is a web application based on an idea by @acyment, read post:

The basic idea of the application is to help teams that are developing something in the way that Cyment suggested, on the issue of allocation of shares on the project. For several months, the application (code, backlog, ideas, implementation, hosting and others) has been putting together by a “liquid” team (with entry and exit of people)

In this series of posts starting today I want to discuss interesting technical issues raised by the project. For today, I commented that:

– It is a Node.js application, exposed to the web using Express. Bringing the programming language is JavaScript.

– In addition to some internal administration pages with MVC, has an API exposed, exchanging JSON.

‘- There’s an app Single Page which is what would have to use the end user to view projects, voting, distributions of shares and to enter new ratings

– Most of the code was written using the workflow of TDD (Test-Driven Development). Even the first code implemented the model in memory, allowing easier progress on the implementation of use cases, without bothering about persistence (even the SPA client can run without having a walk server)

– A few months ago, we added persistence with MongoDB. We could use another database, relational perhaps. We are not taking advantage of the facilities to handle documents MongoDB yet. Only chose it for its ubiquity in development platforms and different Node hosting services.

– Some weeks ago, we added Istambul for code coverage.

– When TDD tests for pure code began to be long, we created a textual DSL (Domain Specific Language) that allows us to write text files for more complicated functional tests.

– Begin to add tests of SPA (Single Page Application) using Zombie

And there are more details and topics to comment, in the upcoming posts.

Stay tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez